Thursday, July 10, 2014

 Perfect fir bedskirt

Our Perfect Fit Bed Skirt ... you can make it too!
Gentle gathers perfect fit bedskirt side panel

... from store bought to custom...

Budget conscious design ideas that are simple and add a BIG punch to your design ideas.

Here we'll detail how you can make a custom bed skirt that actually will fit the length of your bed perfectly!

What you'll need:

  • Velcro - to fit each side panel and end panel of your bedskirtnote:  standard sides mesure 80"; standard end (bottom of bed) measures are:  Twin - 38; F/Q 60; K-78. 
  • 1 Flat bed sheet - cut 8" strips to measure length of side panels (2 @ 8"x80") and 1  for he end panel ( bottom) @ 8" x Twin, F/Q or King).
  • One 45/50 x 84 curtain panel for each side and end;  the pictures shown here are a sheer curtain panel with a diamond design.  Chose your favorite pattern. 
  • sewing machine - this is a beginner level project if you are familiar with sewing on velcro.  It can get tricky since there isn't much room to sew the velcro to the fabric.  Use the zipper foot to get as close as possible and Heavy duty needle to sew through tough strip onto fabric.
Steps for gentle gathers perfect fit bed skirt:
  • Cut each of your top header from each of the curtain panels you've purchased
  • sew raw edges together to make one long piece about 24 x 160(or longer depending on what you are left with after you've cut the topper).  Make sure that bottoms are even. You should have a nice finished end on this piece since the curtain was hemmed on the bottom and sides already - nice!
  • Lay your piece of long fabric on a surface and Cut the top hem to leave a raw edge - this is where you will sew the piece with the velcro. Sew along top about 1" below raw edge in order to gather the fabric - see your machine's instructions if you need help with this.
  • gather fabric to the desired lengh:  80"  for sides and T F/O or K size for bottom;  put aside for now
  • take one of the 8" strips and fold the top 1" then another 1" and sew - if you have a serger then simply serge  this step/ no folding.
  • take the velcro and pin to strip about 1" below where you sewed in the previous step
  • sew the velcro to the strip.  Repeat for the remaining strips
  • Place dec fabric right side up on table;  place 8" strip with raw edges meeting on top of dec fabric with velcro strip facing up - once sewn together , the 8" strip will fold up and the velcro strip will be facing the wrong side of the dec fabric -this will allow you to place the bed skirt with velcro facing and attachin to base cover.
  • Repeat for each bed skirt panel 
  • email me for help with this project at:   or visit our site and let us do the work for you